• EG-50002S

EG-5000 serie is tailor-made depends on the side (S/S. or M/S.) of copper foil web to be slit, rewind. Rewind with Nicely patent frictional shaft and driven by individual AC motor to overcome the problem of thickness variation. Manual shaft carriages are designed at unwinder and rewinder for easy handling of shaft roll in/out

Machine roll width  1200 – 1500 mm
Material thickness 9μm ~ 250μm
Unwind diameter 600 mm
Min. slit width 200 mm or trim only.
Rewind diameter 450  mm 
Mechanical Speed 60 ~150 M/min

Other specifications are offered at request.

  • Integrated machine design. 
  • Special technique of circular cutter. 
  • Auto. curve-free device. 
  • Independent trim winders. 
  • PLC with human interface operation.