• EG-300D

EG-300 series is an all-purpose machine to care for various material types and varied slitting rewinding patterns. The machine is capable to handle the slit width from 4mm and the rewind diameter up to 800mm, with shorten web path to wind up immediately after slitting to make sure a good winding tolerance.

Machine roll width  600 – 1600 mm
Unwind diameter 600 mm / 1200mm
Min. slit width   4 mm and up
Rewind diameter 450mm / 600 / 800 mm
Mechanical Speed 200 / 300 / 400 M/min

Other specifications are offered at request.

  • Shaftless unwind stand. 
  • Choice of razoe or shear cutter. 
  • Individual trim winders. 
  • Rewind air expansion shafts. 
  • Unwind auto. tension control. 
  • PLC with HMI operation.