EG-7003D is highly recommended for the flexible packaging industries. The duplex winding shafts are driven by individual motors and inverters to provide consistent tension control. The use of our patent air differential shafts can efficiently overcome the problem of material thickness variation, besides, our unique design of elevator type unloading system provides good handling option.

Machine roll width  1000 – 2200 mm
Unwind diameter 800 mm / 1200 mm
Min. slit width   50 mm and up
Rewind diameter 600 mm  
Mechanical Speed 300 / 400 M/min 

Other specifications are offered at request.

  • Shaftless unwind stand. 
  • Unwind auto. tension control. 
  • Auto edge guider. 
  • Overhead web threading flow. 
  • Choice of razor or shear cutters. 
  • Integrated trim winder. 
  • Full width unloading supporting device.
  • Finished roll unloading system. 
  • PLC with HMI operation.