• EG-8003

After the first 4.8M wide slitter record established in Taiwan, Nicely is again set up a new milestone of making 5.8 meter wide Primary Slitter for film materials. This EG-8003 slitter rewinder is equipped with the upgraded SIEMENS PLC S7-1500 advanced controller, it offers excellent performance on communication, automatic function and also the viability for future enhancements, such as :

 Auto knife placement

For fast, accurate, and repeatable slitting

The knife arrangement is carried out by in-house designed automatic knife positioning system which integrated with pneumatic control and to be operated through touch screen interface. It greatly increases the machine turn-over and provides knife placement accuracy.

The pneumatic knife holders are capable of mounting the razor blades or the circular shear knives depending on various material thickness for better slitting result.To perform the knife placement, simply recall the saved recipe from touch screen then the knives will be placed across the width of the web path according to the program setting. It is just as simple as few clicks away!

Auto web threading system

Having the automatic web threading system is a life-saver for machine users, especially when dealing with wide material web.

The threading chain device is designed to clamp the web on one side and by moving along the path the material is transported to the slitting section


Auto winder positioning

A Larger machine capacity comes with more automatic practices.


The two winding stations are developed with fully automatic positioning function, each individual unit is synchronized moving as computer programed to the location along with the auto knife system. It apparently has reduced a lot of machine down-time and safer working environment.

Machine roll width  1500 - 6000 mm
Unwind diameter 1000 - 1500 mm
Min. slit width   300 mm and up
Rewind diameter  600 - 1200 mm, max. 
Mechanical Speed 800 / 1000 / 1200 M/min 

Other specifications are offered at request.

  • Shaftless unwind stand .
  • Unwind auto. tension control. 
  • Auto edge guider. 
  • Choice of razor or shear cutter 
  • Individual winder with precise tension control. 
  • Individual trim winder. 
  • Finished roll unloading cart. 
  • PLC with human interface operation . 

Options :

  • Upgraded S5-1700 PLC controller.
  • Automatic knife placement.
  • Autoatic web threading system. 
  • Automatic winder positioning.